Top wooden watch boxes for your watch collection | Shade & Watches

If you've put a large amount of money on an exquisite watch, you're responsible to ensure it's organized tidy, easily accessible, and accessible in all times. original packaging or boxes can certainly assist you in this task.

If you're in search of some of the most effective solutions then our list of 7 Best Wooden Watch Boxes for Your Watch Collection will prove helpful.

1. NEX 6-Slot Leather watch box:

Genuine leather display wooden watch box for watches includes six slots to display watches.

This tiny box with a glass-screen at the top will securely hold six watches in the exact position for the time you require them to be secure.

It could be too costly for certain people, but it comes with waterproof leatherette that is layered over an MDF body.

It is also available in five shades. It also comes with a lockable lid that can be used for security.


2) Diplomat Ebony Wood Watch Box

Another alternative that is inexpensive can be an alternative that is less expensive.

The Diplomat Ebony Wooden Watch Box It is made of dark ebony and holds up to 10 watches simultaneously.

It features a clear glass top with lavish black leather inlays and the locking mechanism for keys is among its distinctive features. Gold fittings can also be obtained on the request of.


3. Wooden Studio Co. Watch Box made of wood

The gorgeous wooden watchbox comes in various sizes that can accommodate 4 6-8 10 or 12 watches, depending on the model you prefer. 

To make it more attractive, customers can pick between a wood or glass lid. Each piece is customized to the requirements.


4. Commemorative Watch Box:

 This watch box is available in a choice of dark or natural cherry wood, but it's not designed to be utilized as a watch box specifically.

It is able to contain small collections and also other EDC which are often viewed. In conclusion, it can look amazing at your workstation.


5. Windsor 10-piece watch Box that has a drawer:

The box could be constructed of faux leather, however it's perfect for a mid-sized assortment of watches.

It comes with a silver-textured silk liner, a valet drawer that houses eight ring rolls, seventeen jewelry compartments, and an area for storage of watches that holds 10 pieces. It is a great value for money with the price of $200.


6) Men's Four-Watch Wood/Leather Box:

 This gorgeous box is made of solid oak . It is large enough to accommodate four cushions of leather, which could be used to protect the most prized possessions. 

The lid also features an inlay of leather at the lid's top that can be personalized by adding your initials. It comes in a range of colors such as dark wood, and natural.


7) Flatiron II 5-Piece Watch Box with Analog/Shift Movement


The watch case, which is constructed from wooden pieces with walnut inlays with a cork-khaki fabric interior is able to accommodate five watches at once. 

Brass hardware Miter joints, miter joints that have contrasting hardwood splines as well as a knurled puller and a gorgeous gold-foil design are all part of this particular piece.